Center – A Poem by Brandon White

Photo by Brandon White

A free verse poem that arrived fully realized and just in time. I would love your thoughts!


There's a deep dissatisfaction
within me.

It keeps me hungry, curious; it pulls my introverted self

towards the world
in hopes of capturing

whatever might quell
such a feeling.

It delivers me
to songs, poems,

wild wide-eyed things
not meant for taming,

but glimpses of a meeting
of the needle points.

That elusive center
from which our hearts

came sparking
into existence.

-Brandon White

Published by Brandon White Music & Poetry

Brandon White was born in Huntington, West Virginia, and raised in Arkansas. An accomplished songwriter, he has released multiple albums, EPs, and singles over the years and has had over 30 of his songs licensed for use in retail stores and restaurants. After the birth of his twin daughters and the death of his father, White shifted his focus from music to writing. The Year that Stole the Light Away is White’s debut poetry collection, published by Raw Earth Ink in May of 2020. White currently resides in Fort Smith, Arkansas

4 thoughts on “Center – A Poem by Brandon White

  1. I think it ends very well, but the beginning/middle is a little plain. Having said that, it’s so serene and yet simultaneously edgy, and I think that would appeal to a lot of the fans of softer meaningful stuff.


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