God’s House & the Lone Coyote – A Poem by Brandon White

Friends, I was reminded recently of this free verse piece from my debut poetry collection. I hadn’t thought of it in some time. I thought it would be nice to share it here. Feedback is appreciated!

God’s House & the Lone Coyote:

The steam from my coffee
fogs up the small panes of glass
in the backdoor.
I often stand here in the morning,
staring out at the frozen world.
Chain link separates our backyard
and an empty field.
Beyond the field, a firehouse
and a church.
I wish it were just the field.
I guess I’m thankful
that help
is no more than
a hundred yards
away at any moment,
and having
God’s house
in the neighborhood
should do wonders for
my property value.
I watch a lone
coyote make his way
across the frozen grass
just beyond
the back fence.
He pauses and
looks back the way he came,
as if reconsidering the choice
that brought him here.
Eventually, he carries on.
I sip my coffee.
The morning sun ascends.
The world turns.

-Brandon White

The above poem, “God’s House & the Lone Coyote, ” appears in my debut poetry collection, The Year that Stole the Light Away (Raw Earth Ink). Click the cover to purchase a copy!
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  1. The world turns…this line makes me smile a bit…you take us into a vivid scene…the church that seems to offer “safety” and then this lone wolf coming in as if observing your observations..then “the world turns” as if to say…yup, just another day…☺️. Only you can do that, my friend.

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