Coffee, Poetry, Fetch – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

I return with a new free verse poem written in the moment for the moment. A stream of consciousness pooling at your feet, becoming something more. I hope you enjoy it.

Coffee, Poetry, Fetch:

Is this what you'll remember

in what I hope is many years
from now?

On another back porch,

with another dog,

another stick,

another book,

another winter,

warmed by the laughter

of your child

and strong coffee?

When I’m the cardinal

perched on the branch,

and my face comes

in fiery flashes

of memory?

Will you think of the fence?

The cold of the concrete

seeping through your socks?

The low bark

of the wild-eyed Catahoula

begging for another throw?

I’ll find you there

I’ll fold my wings neatly

and sing a song

of what’s to come

-Brandon White

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