Snip – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Reporting for duty from the comfort of my bed while recovering from minor surgery. Feeling grateful for my wife, who’s as sharp, strong, and deserving of praise as anyone I’ve known.

A free verse poem and slightly crude humor may follow:


My eyes involuntarily
squeezed shut, and the profanities
flew from my mouth without thought,
which means they bubbled up
from my subconscious,
which means the words,
are as much a part of me
as my love and goodwill

I wonder now if a laugh
stirred somewhere in your chest
at that moment
To see me getting a taste
of the discomfort
you’ve experienced,
and honestly,
you’ve earned any humor
you may find in my squirming

Still, you met the moment
with love and concern,
and now as I lay here
waiting for the Tramadol
to kick in,
watching you care for our babies,
balancing the many spinning plates
of our life together,
all I can think of

is how much I love you,
you badass woman
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