The Odds – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

I’m happy to report that I’m on the mend after fighting back a pretty nasty illness. I have a bit more energy today, so here I am with a new free verse piece.

I hope things have been better for each of you. I appreciate the continued support and encouragement.

The Odds:

Yes sir, I understand,
but the state STRONGLY
recommends this test
if there’s any concern

The coffee’s hot,
and this cloudless morning
has enough chill in the air
to keep me happy

My energy level
is nonexistent,
and this lends the world
a dream-like quality

The Bradford Pear
sways in the yard
beyond our fence
like a living van Gogh

The black and yellow
around the eyes
suggests your sinuses
have been inflamed a while now

I cough every third breath
Last night I woke
and my throat felt like
an open wound

When I spat in the sink
the pink saliva
that swirled down the drain
came as no surprise

The fever broke a while ago
I’m drenched in sweat
and searching for poetry
in this fucking mess

Your left ear is bulging
with infection
Are you sure you've
had no discomfort?

You’re trying to talk
to me, and I'm trying
to be here,
but I’m failing

My phone screen fills
with statistics
I tick the numbers up by one
to make room for myself

I silently add
life insurance totals to myself
The chance of my demise is minimal,
but I have a way of defying the odds

We’re just calling
to let you know
that the results
were negative

I watch our children
play with kinetic sand
and notice how the sunlight
seems to dance in their hair

I exhale

-Brandon White
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  1. So happy you are on the mend…recover thoroughly and I hope you get your energy to full capacity…afterall, you have two littles to chase around!!

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