A Boat for the Sinking – Available Now!

It’s all yours now.

A journey of love, suffering, and endless transformation.

Click the cover to purchase my new book, A Boat for the Sinking, today!

With love,


A Boat for the Sinking – March 21st!

My lovely wife, Kenzie, snapped this photo as she has for my previous titles, featuring our precious girls and my latest offering.

None of them know how much it all means to me.

Tuesday can’t come soon enough.


Book 3 Coming March 21st!


I’m excited to announce that my third poetry collection, A Boat for the Sinking will be released on March 21st!

This work is a dedication to love, suffering, to endless transformation and I’m so happy to share it with you. As always, I’ve done my very best to make room for you within these pages.

My love to you all,


My 36th Birthday

I’m 36 today and beyond grateful.

My 35th year was the beginning of a significant shift in my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m committed to the work of aligning myself with my highest good.

My third book is coming this Spring, and I’m excited to share it with you all. Already I can sense things beginning to bubble up in my mind, what’s likely to be the beginning of book 4, but that’s for another day.

I’m surrounded by so much love, and my wonder remains intact and sparking; no man luckier than I.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

The reminders sneak up on me now. I don’t dread them the same way, yet they remain razor-sharp upon arrival.

I’m trying to type this through tears, and I’m happy to say I’m okay now. That isn’t to say that I don’t miss you terribly, especially on days like today.

But I feel you now. I couldn’t before, but I do now. At the edges of my mind, forever just out of reach.

In my heart, I know we’ve done this dance before, and we’re likely to do it again. For now, it’s the physical reassurances that I miss the most; your hands, your eyes. Your impossible spirit remains, carved from love and undeniable.

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love and miss you so much.


Best of Ways – A Poem by Brandon White

Best of Ways

I bear witness to your innocence
and for its preservation I do pray
For your safety and my vigilance
It breaks my heart
in the best of ways

The student and the teacher
these are the roles we trade
We are but briefly sinless creatures
It breaks my heart
in the best of ways

At night I hope you dream
of something better than what waits
after childhood colors fade
to grown-up gray
It breaks my heart
in the best of ways

-Brandon White

Photo by Kenzie White

A piece for all the Momma’s and Daddy’s out there; the veterans and the newly initiated. What the rest of the world is searching for, we’ve found.



Their Eyes Beyond – A Poem by Brandon White

Photo by Brandon White
Their Eyes Beyond

I drive myself crazy
imagining ways
to pierce the veil

How the mind might
be used to fold and tear
the fabric of perception

that one might peek through
to the world beyond
the wool

Consider our limitations,
how few colors and frequencies
the mind can endure

Dare we open our arms
to what we can
only hope to comprehend?

To that which is,
has been,
and will be?

Before you, before I,
known before
we knew

Before the first pair of eyes
set skyward,
before a mind wondered;

What waits for us there?
Or, perhaps more


-Brandon White

Book 3 – Spring 2023

While watching ink dry on the contract for my third collection of poems, I realized how much life fits into these pages. It feels much longer than it’s been since my last offering.

I’m grateful to my publisher, @tara_caribou, for her continued support, guidance, and honesty. There’s no better feeling than knowing those you collaborate with want what’s best for you and your work.

I’m also grateful to those of you who continue to support my endeavors. Your kind words, encouragement, and inspiration are a gift.

There’s much work to be done, but this feels like a moment worth remembering.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.
Book 3 – Spring 2023.


Book 3 – Coming Soon!

Hello Friends,

I’ve officially handed in the manuscript for Book 3.

There’s still work to be done, but I’m thrilled to officially be on the road to release and anxious to share the work with you.

Keep an eye on this space. I’ll be switching up my efforts to spread the word and giving sneak peeks and updates as they become available.

Talk soon.



The Last – A Poem by Brandon White

The Last

Become now the unwitting trigger,
the convenient symbol of a trauma
in which you had no part

Become now the beaten dog
at the mercy of validation's cruel hand;
dodging kicks, starving for love

Become now the bitter taste
that floods the mouth
at the mention of a name

Become now the last of your kind,
screaming into the nothingness
You're better when you're burning

-Brandon White

It’s been too long, friends. I hope you enjoy this new piece. More on book #3 coming soon!