From the Screaming Mouth – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

I’m slowly rediscovering my groove and hope to bring more regular content as the days progress. I am still waiting for my energy to return.

Today, a new free verse piece. Enjoy.

From the Screaming Mouth:

Scenes of intense battle
fill this living room,
these quiet hours

Heroes die
in slow motion,
never screaming

Exit wounds
bursting like
confetti poppers

painting the world
in the color
of love

The Odds – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

I’m happy to report that I’m on the mend after fighting back a pretty nasty illness. I have a bit more energy today, so here I am with a new free verse piece.

I hope things have been better for each of you. I appreciate the continued support and encouragement.

The Odds:

Yes sir, I understand,
but the state STRONGLY
recommends this test
if there’s any concern

The coffee’s hot,
and this cloudless morning
has enough chill in the air
to keep me happy

My energy level
is nonexistent,
and this lends the world
a dream-like quality

The Bradford Pear
sways in the yard
beyond our fence
like a living van Gogh

The black and yellow
around the eyes
suggests your sinuses
have been inflamed a while now

I cough every third breath
Last night I woke
and my throat felt like
an open wound

When I spat in the sink
the pink saliva
that swirled down the drain
came as no surprise

The fever broke a while ago
I’m drenched in sweat
and searching for poetry
in this fucking mess

Your left ear is bulging
with infection
Are you sure you've
had no discomfort?

You’re trying to talk
to me, and I'm trying
to be here,
but I’m failing

My phone screen fills
with statistics
I tick the numbers up by one
to make room for myself

I silently add
life insurance totals to myself
The chance of my demise is minimal,
but I have a way of defying the odds

We’re just calling
to let you know
that the results
were negative

I watch our children
play with kinetic sand
and notice how the sunlight
seems to dance in their hair

I exhale

-Brandon White

Nine Years – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

I have for you a free verse piece to mark the celebration of my wife and I’s 9th Wedding Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Nine Years:

What's left to give
that hasn't been given?

All I have,
All I am,

I've made

For you, my love,
the ticking of the grand clock

The bursting mystery
of myself

This, my one
and only


-Brandon White

Graphic Footage – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

A new free verse poem waits below, born from my brain’s inability to shut down at night.


Graphic Footage:

Blue light
floods the room,
the whistle and snap
of exchanged gunfire

A child sleeps peacefully
less than a foot away
from the hand-held horrors of war
and a mind on fire

From this
eight-inch screen,
blissful ignorance
comes undone

Tell me,
where were you
when you found a tear
in the world you knew?

Who were you
after peeking through?

-Brandon White

Bath Time – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday to you all! I have for you another free verse piece to help top off the week.


Bath Time:

Five decapitated mermaids
float by,

their heads settling
at the bottom of the tub

in the shape of a
crescent moon

As I pour water
through my daughter's hair,

I’m contemplating repetition's
place in our lives

To bathe the child,
to rise in the morning,

to face the challenges
of work, of living

Are these things
not holy?

What could be more

than selflessly giving our time,
these numbered days,

without the expectation of

It is for you, my little birds,
for you, I answer the call

-Brandon White

The Smell of Rain – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

A new free verse piece waits below. Progress is being made on my new poetry collection. More information to follow. Thanks to you all for your continued support and encouragement!

The Smell of Rain:

Step into the day
and into the cool air
charged with rumors
of rain

This is what's been missed,
the gathering storm
humming electric,
pure and threatening

What could stoke
the flame of wonder
like the hands of

Do you kneel
to the natural forces?
That was a rhetorical

The dancing trees,
the blades of grass,
the horse in its running,
man and his wild confusion;

All eyes turn to
the darkening clouds

-Brandon White

Outstretched – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

A new free verse piece waits below. Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy.


The dull ache
of my lower back
is an alarm ringing
that I brush off
as a test

There’s a cure to this
tension readily available,
and a ghost
that calls
to be free

If I turn
to the right too quickly,
I see a million stars
before I lose
my breath

The pain echos
up my spine and radiates
out to the tips
of my outstretched

reaching up to a heaven
that never reaches

-Brandon White

The Challenge – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

After a false start, a new free verse piece both fresh and inspired.

The Challenge:

To remember that poetry
is continuously present,
this is the challenge

To recall in moments
of overwhelm that tax
the mind so heavily

that the poems remain,
waiting patiently
for you to realize

that all that's required
of you is a moment
of placidity,

where the heart,
the mind, and the hand

-Brandon White

Nude – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Another new free verse piece waits below to help you see your way into the weekend. Enjoy.


Lay bare and
offer up your throat

Is this not what it is
to engage the craft?

To open yourself up
to annihilation?

To dangle the heart
from a string

and offer up
the dagger?

You want a bit
of danger?

You want to show some
goddamn courage?

Put pen
to paper

and let

-Brandon White

Self – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Another new free verse piece waits below. I truly appreciate the support I’ve received here.



Reflecting on
the nature of the heart,
the caged bird singing,
what is this lack of

The endless
internal war of self,
I'm all blood and guts
on the inside,

aren't you?

-Brandon White