Gone Fishing – A Poem by Brandon White

Friends, Happy Thursday! I’ve for you today a free verse piece born of the moment, and by that, I mean, created at the moment I wrote this post. It will stand as an exercise in not overthinking things and being a conduit for whatever might come through. Here it is, wild-eyed and kicking like crazy. Enjoy!

Gone Fishing:

Time on the water

That’s the secret

Don’t let anyone
tell you otherwise

Of course, there’s mystery

What pulls the writer
from the comfort of home

and into this cruel world

Still, you must remain ready

You must remain wide-open
and vulnerable

You must put some blood
in the water

and be willing
to be consumed


-Brandon White
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  1. Love this Brandon…I think of the ranch I grew up in..we would go fishing in the surrounding canals and aqueducts…the stillness and concentration that draws you in to ponder on things…there is nothing else…it feels all consuming..your submerged in the event…in your thoughts..waiting for something to happen and waiting to see how your thoughts evolve…I probably made NO SENSE, LOL, but it makes sense in my head (I think!)😁🙏🏼💙

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