The Lesson – A Poem by Brandon White

Happy Friday Friends!

Before I dive headfirst into this weekend, I’ve another fresh-out-of-the-oven, free verse piece for your enjoyment. Again, the current goal is to keep the channel wide open. What’s meant to come will come. Warts and all!

The Lesson:

Time heals nothing
of consequence,

it merely dulls
the blade

That may sound

but the wound is
the lesson

and the burning
of the old life

Those who wait for some
resurrection of normalcy

forsake the lesson
and fail to realize

that there’s nothing left
to return to
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  1. This beautifully profound Brandon…I was telling someone the orher day who asked me for advice on some personal issues..I told her that life struggles will always be there and that we will forever be evolving into hopefully someone better from what we are learning..that it was a forever process…no one really arrives…yes, we grow but the lessons, our history, remains…don’t know if this made sense either or if it had anything to do with your piece…I’m a ramble-thinker…I think you know me by now, LOL🤷🏻‍♀️😊

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