Album of the Week – Veedon Fleece

Friends, I hope that February has been kind so far. I’m back with a new Album of the Week selection for your listening pleasure. This week, we let the soulful voice of Van Morrison take us away with this hidden gem of an album.

Veedon Fleece, for my money, belongs in the same conversation as Astral Weeks as one of Morrison’s most thrilling, mysterious, and consistent works. It’s not an album that I see mentioned when Morrison’s work is written about, and this borders on criminal.

So, friends, I think it’s time we pull this forgotten masterpiece from the dusty shelf and lay it in the bright light of morning. Grab your earbuds, take a stroll through town or your neighborhood, and let Van’s piano and voice wash over you. You’ll thank me later.

Veedon Fleece is available on all streaming services as well as available wherever music is sold. Enjoy!

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