Watchers – A Poem by Brandon White

Friends, here’s another poem inspired by this past weekend’s cabin stay. I’ll let you take in the piece without filling-in too much, but I must say, isn’t a world of wide-open possibility so much more exciting than one of harsh absolutes? I hope you enjoy the poem. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated!


We park the car outside the cabin
and step into the chilly night,
our heads swimming from too many
samples from the local winery

The smell of sulfur
hangs heavy in the air,
the source hidden
among the trees

A guttural howl heard
the night before was enough
to send you scurrying

We put the kids to bed,
pour ourselves a drink
and sit beneath a blanket
on the back-porch swing

I take a deep breath of cold,
now-clean smelling air
and swirl my whiskey around its glass,
your head resting on my shoulder

A few moments later,
another howl from somewhere
in the distance sends coyotes
into hysterics

I smile,
pushing aside every rational
explanation that comes to mind,
opting instead,

for wonder

-Brandon White
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  1. Yes, opting for wonder…I like getting lost in wonder…rational things can get boring sometimes..there is nothing wring with letting the mind go wild for a bit as long one remembers to bring it back in when the moment has reached it’s peak…anyway…what a lovely escape you had with your family, at this cabin…sounds so sweet and romantic and enjoyable🙏🏼💙

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