Ring – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

The inspiration for a poem can come from almost anything. I try to challenge myself to create work worthy of reading from random moments and the mundanities of life, and I have for you today another attempt at thatβ€”a free verse poem born of a mishap. I believe there’s a poem everywhere if you look close enough.


I wore it every day since it was
placed on my finger so many years ago,

before the hard times.
When home was two bedrooms and cramped,

and there was nothing to show
for our work and worry

Before cancer tore through
our lives

Before children
were even a consideration

It wasn't expensive as far
as rings are concerned

But worth has little to do
with nickels and dimes

This morning, it was placed
into the door mortise

and dropped like a quarter
in a jukebox

into the dark hollow of a wall
by a little girl

that regret was determined
to meet

She stared back at me,
eyes wet with tears

and at once understood
the true power

of her own

-Brandon White
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  1. Oh my gosh Brandon, love..love….and let me tell you…you are the master of finding poetry in everything…it’s like it’s become your signature πŸ™πŸΌ Awesome, my friend πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

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