For You, They’re Free – A Poem by Brandon White

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Hello Friends,

In the dead center of another week, time seems to melt away. With much on my mind, what else can I do but try and offer myself up to the mystery? A new free-verse piece follows.

For You, They’re Free:

The man in the donut shop drive-thru
slams the window shut,
and I'm not sure
where the breakdown in
communication occurred

My natural reaction
is to pound on the glass,
and when he returns,
drag him through the small opening for an
intimate conversation on manners

After completing my order
with a different donutter,
the adult in me wrestles away control,
smiles at the nice lady in the window
and drives off

The wild colors of the sunrise,
like the cover of a Cormac McCarthy novel
In the backseat, two pairs
of little legs kick wildly
and the car fills with laughter

The sound of young voices who assume
love lives in the eyes
of every stranger
In the driver's seat, I,
who for them,

will hold the world
to account

-Brandon White

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