Float – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

The world outside is cold and still. The weatherman is calling for up to five more inches of snow starting tonight. My current state of mind has little else to offer at this time except for another free verse poem. I hope you enjoy it.


The poems give me purpose,
like my children, my wife, and the dance I do
to provide

I push myself each day to pluck
a piece from the air and feed it to
the page,

just to watch it be lifted by the breeze
and carried up up up into a world that has no use for poetry,

and yet, is filled with poets that dream
of lucrative publishing contracts
and Atticus fame

Make no mistake, I too crave recognition
I've tasted the sweet honey of
a hero’s validation,

and all that’s left
to want is

-Brandon White

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  1. I sometimes feel like the world of poetry makes a mockery out of itself. There is no denying that poetry is and can be anything, it is an art. But I look at some of these best selling poets, and I look back to the community of self-published poets, and I can’t help but feel more care and thought was put into the works of the latter. I believe you’ll make it there, though, one day. This was a lovely piece.

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