Worth – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Here’s another free verse poem for your reading pleasure. I hope you’re well. Feedback is appreciated and welcome!


I'm thinking of jumping ship,
but I'm wondering what effect
it will have on my
mental health

What is life without the depressives,
the hallmark card poets,
the passive-aggressive

The Colorado ghost,
the British romantic,
the Texas songbird,
where did you go?

Goodbyes are tough
so I’ll cut you some slack,
but because I'm a friend,
I'll leave you with a parting gift:

The poems are better
when you long for something

-Brandon White
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  1. Brandon! This is quite clever… and I do believe that we allll will recognize our own ‘ghosts’ in these lines. I know I did. Okay. I gotta read it again, because it gave me a wry smile on a smile-less day.

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