Poetry From Scratch – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Each day I bring up a blank page, take the raw thoughts of my mind and give you a piece of myself. Below, a free verse poem born from trying not to take the creative process so seriously.

Poetry From Scratch:

Arrive with nothing
No refined ideas,
no expectations,
no pen,
absolutely no fucking paper,
no clothes,
no memories,
no joy,
no sadness,
absolutely no fucking love,
no sex,
no hatred,
no adverbs,
no long fingernails,
absolutely no fucking screaming children,
no silent children,
no algorithms,
no fake friends,
no real friends,
absolutely no fucking family,
no powder,
no needles,
no booze,
no sleep,
absolutely no fucking pills,
no prayer,
no meditation,
no little statues of Buddha,
no crucifix,
absolutely no fucking crystals,
no music,
no paint,
no clay,
no film,
absolutely no fucking textiles
no magazines,
no blogs,
no tabloids,
no books,
and absolutely NO fucking poetry

-Brandon White
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  1. Ha! Now if this isn’t real, I don’t know what is…although there is ONE line I disagree with…can never do without that…but I won’t say which one here…lol

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