No Explanation – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

Today marks two years since my Fathers passing. A free verse poem waits below.

No Explanation:

Outside this window,
the cycle continues
without my participation,
without my permission,
without regard

Inside its heartburn
and headaches and silence
only interrupted by my phone
dancing across the nightstand
with condolences

This morning, I tried
to explain heaven
and stopped

-Brandon White
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  1. Brandon I sent you a comment here It’s lost guess. May God kiss your heart. Love and bandaids You’re doing great ! Keep writing Vicki Newman

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  2. Much love to you. I believe your dad is proud of you, for the incredible art you art creating which is born from your relationship and your sorrow. In this way; you bring your father and his life and his light into all of OUR lives as well. Thank you for that, Brandon. You are a gift.

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  3. Ugh…Brandon…my heart feels heavy for you, my sweet friend. I know your probably getting inundated with “I’m sorry’s”…and everything along the lines of that…maybe that gets overwhelming for you…maybe you tire of it or idk…maybe the opposite…either way…know my thoughts are heartfelt and present. Want nothing but comfort and peace for you 🙏🏼🖤💙

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