You Love to Reminisce – A Poem by Brandon White

Hello Friends,

I’m back with a new free verse offering. I’ve spent the last few days spending time with my family, including a lovely, kid-free evening last night with my wife.

The weather here is beautiful, and I’m thinking a lot about new beginnings. I hope you’re well.

You Love to Reminisce

I can almost see the thoughts
as they pass,

your mind rifling through
nine years of marriage,

searching for the perfect memory
to unpack in conversation

You often wonder how
we make sense?

How is it that an adventurous
social butterfly

comes to love the quiet, brooding

I don't often consider why
the pieces fit;

I'm just grateful
they do

Here, on this warmly
lit patio,

the cool evening air thick
with promises of rain and Electric Indigo,

I hold your hand in mine,
sip my whiskey,

and want for

-Brandon White
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  1. I need me some of that…a quiet romantic evening, some good Whiskey and a suitable partner…one day, perhaps…this was so sweet, my friend. She’s one lucky gal….

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  2. Hi Brandon
    This is like a love letter
    Perfect for the occasion
    I feel contentment and comfort in your heart. You need that Your family lady
    ❤️🎉vicki. I’m sure your life partner was happy too with this one

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