Dare – A Poem by Brandon White

Photo by D O M I N I K J P W

A free verse poem for all those looking to take the first step toward their goals in 2021.


As much as my inbox wants me
to believe,
my Tumblr dashboard
does not miss me.

What is the point
of wading through it all?
I think it’s to
stare across the empty field
along Highway 64,

hoping somewhere
beyond the trees,
mystery still waits.
That there's more
than grinding down the days.

I'm thinking of this
when a guy that works a floor
above stops by to remind me
that Christ wasn't some
hippie socialist.

I smile through our exchange,
reminding myself that I'm speaking
to years of programming.
I refuse
to hate him for this.

I miss cigarettes,
or maybe I just miss
not worrying about
killing me.

Tonight, my television
will scream about
conmen, conspiracy,
and cock pills.

I’ll sip Earl Grey,
wish it was whiskey,
pat myself on the back
for stacking sober days,
and watch the death toll rise.

But in my mind, I'm standing
in that field staring
at the treeline,
daring myself
to take the first step.

-Brandon White
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