Idiot Prayer – A Poem by Brandon White

Happy Sunday Friends!

After immersing myself in our first Album of the Week selection, I decided to revisit and rework a free verse piece from some time back.

Listening to Nick Cave alone at a piano, his songs at their most pure, I couldn’t help but be inspired. I hope if you took the time to listen, that you too were moved.

Idiot Prayer:

I don't want
to shake another hand
and feign delight

My eyes blurred
from too many hours
staring at a computer screen

I want to light
every pick-up truck
in a fifty mile radius on fire

A mouthful of
little white pills
that choke-off my despair

Draw the curtains
and push the sky

May my pain
look as cool
as Nick Cave

Make me
a star in the business
of shared misery

-Brandon White
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